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Best Hot Tub Accessories For Winter

Best Hot Tub Accessories For Winter – The main reason most people buy hot tubs is for the warmth and comfort they offer during the cold winter months. While they indeed are great for all year round recreation, you simply cannot beat the feeling of stepping into a pool of hot jet-soaked water when the weather is freezing outside. To make the most of your experience, here are some popular accessories you may want to consider buying. Here at The Cover Guy, we don’t just sell hot tub covers. We have a large inventory of accessories in stock that our customers can choose from.

Must-have accessories winter hot tub use

One accessory that no hot tub owner should go without is a digital tester. Even during wintertime, you must remember to maintain your machine. This means testing the acidity of the water and adding chemicals when needed. However, this process is made much less fun you have to do it in the cold. A digital tester can significantly cut the amount of time it takes to test your tub’s water. In addition, you can rest assured that you will get an exact read every time. These devices come equipped with an easy to read LCD screen and generate results within seconds. No more standing around waiting for the color to change on the testing strip!

UV rays are one of the leading causes of hot tub cover damage. Believe it or not, but winter is the worst season for this issue. Snow is a great reflector of light, which means your cover is going to be exposed to UV rays to a greater degree (unless you have an enclosure). Cover protector will keep the vinyl safe; it works just like vinyl protector for your car’s interior.

Another essential accessory to have during the winter is a hot tub cover lifter. These devices make lifting your hot tub’s cover very easy. At the Cover Guy, we carry many different types of lifter (hydraulics, gas shock and power assists). While they are recommended for all hot tub owners, those that live in cold climates will be better suited. The opening and closing process will me quick and easy; no more hassling with a stubborn cover or slipping on ice.