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New Skirting Boards Or Electrical Supply Conduits

The Electrical Dado rails are an everyday installation in the rewiring of any modern building and it is still custom and practice in many applications to carry this out basically as it was when the building was first built and wired. The problem with this is that the walls have to be grooved to refit conduit and all of the house redecorated when the work is finished. It is also virtually impossible to change any wiring after it is done without a major alteration. The dado electrical power and data wiring system not only solves the problem of redecorating the whole building but it also allows future change and additions to the circuits as time goes by.

The difficulty with using the dado rail system in a standard residence is that it does sometimes stand out if it is fitted at the standard dado rail height. There will in due course be a complete architectural range of these rails but at present the range is generally limited to the typical office range. The best way at present to resolve this conundrum in most cases is to use the Dado electrical trunking as a skirting board. Firstly this is far less intrusive and secondly it will cause far less problems in terms of redecoration of the building. The installation of a skirting trunking is quick and easy and will take all the power and data wiring completely round a room with no striking visible presence.

Sockets and Switches can be taken off at will and if hidden wiring is deemed essential then the electrical wiring runs are small and manageable. The major point is that the central core of the system is easily accessible and can be reached by simply taking off the front of the Dado rail. There will be some under floor electrical runs but these should be limited and accessible. Any switches and sockets that require adding at a future date can be installed in the Dado rail or linked from it without a major rewiring of the building. It is also possible to split circuits and change routes within reason. This allows increased load on under used circuits as well as securing circuits for safety and security. The major thing is that it allows telephone and data lines to be linked round the building and removes the wires under the carpet syndrome. Rewiring comes to all buildings and this is worth considering.