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Slippery Floor Solutions

Slippery Floor Solutions – Have you seen the latest internet sensation? Many people are filming short videos of friends and family falling or slipping over in public or at home. The falls look painful, are unexpected, and bring shock to the viewer.

The more videos that are being uploaded, the more dramatic these falls are becoming!

Many people believe that when the person falls over it is a result of a slippery floor, because the floor may be wet, or someone may have spilled some liquid.
The reality is that the danger of slippery floors can cause great pain to anyone who slips. It can cause injury to the knees, neck and back. Back injuries can be difficult to recover from and a person may need extensive physiotherapy to help rectify the problem.

In fact, many companies have known to be sued from slippery floors and uneven surfaces. If you own a commercial outlet, you need to ensure your floors are clean and not slippery, otherwise if someone falls over and seriously injures themselves, you could be liable. This can cause you and your business extensive stress and hassle, not to mention the money it costs to go through a claim in the courts. Your reputation could also be tarnished if word gets out that someone was injured on your premises. You may go through an inspection period and be under scrutiny by other authorities who will want to ensure it does not happen again.

Therefore cleaning your floors in your commercial property should be conducted outside of opening hours and carefully, to avoid spillages in cleaning solution. If you need to clean your floors in opening times when clients are around, it is best to put up hazard signs and even cordon the area off. Better to be safe than sorry!

Cleaning your floor is easy when you hire a professional company to help you. They will be able to look at your unique floor type and then decide what the best course of cleaning would be. For example, if there are any carpet areas, they may conduct a deep clean. If they are hardwood floors, you may benefit from a re-sand to keep them looking fresh.

At home, you should also ensure your floors are clean and slip-free. Although no one is likely to sue you if they slip in your home, you should avoid accidents by ensuring that you keep the floors clean and germ free. If you have a pet, dirt and hair can easily clog up the floors and they should be regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure that there is no build up of bacteria in your floor crevices. This makes things stay clean, especially if you have children crawling around the floors.

Simple Construction Solutions For Complex Design Related Problems

Simple Construction Solutions For Complex Design Related Problems – Maintaining a property is more challenging than constructing a property and who could know this fact better than the community association managers who are responsible for maintaining their properties. Maintaining a property requires fund that condo board members collect from the residents. The members need to determine the maintenance work their property may require in near future. It is called reserve study in which they calculate the age of different design elements in their property to determine their usability period and the cost of repairing the design elements. In short they need to look for viable construction solutions for complex building maintenance related issues.

A majority of community association managers are from non-engineering backgrounds and for this reason they rely on the findings of engineers they hire for conducting reserve study at their property. Many engineering firms aware about the weakness of property managers adopt shortcut to complete the reserve study and get quick money. The dishonest engineers use computer graphics of the building structure to study its reserves. Also they present their findings in complicated engineering language that property managers find difficult to understand. Ideally property managers should hire the engineering firm that is experienced in studying reserves and that is years of experience in providing simple construction solutions for complex design related issues.

An ideal engineering firm would always conduct reserve study by inspecting the property physically and not only by looking at the computer graphics of the building design. Also a trustworthy engineering firm would present its findings in simple and understandable language that property managers can easily read and discuss. Studying reserve is a labor intensive job but one can’t study reserves without inspecting a property physically. You will be amazed to know that experienced engineers can find many faults and problem areas when conducting reserve studies. For construction solutions, the property managers should always look at experts and not at inexperienced firms.

Condo reserves give property managers a sense of security that they have enough funds at hand for conducting maintenance work on their property. But the condo board members shouldn’t let their residents carry out individual renovation work that can affect the functionality of design elements of the building. For example take new windows opened by the residents on the outer wall of the building. A new opening on the outer wall can allow the rain water to encroach in the building and make it most and damp. A good engineering firm can provide affordable construction solutions to all the maintenance related issues but the property managers should take care the residents don’t make unnecessary changes in their units.