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Stainless Steel Switches and Sockets for the Bathroom?

The bathroom was always a place where everything plastic and fully insulated ruled the roost. The drive to safety precluded the use of metal within the confines of the room as certain taboo’s, with the use of electrical products, became standard practice.

The recent drive to different types of switches has included the use of stainless steel switches and sockets and these are now quite regularly used in situations that at some previous stages would not have been acceptable or permitted. Stainless steel has a few obvious advantages in a damp and hot environment because of its rust less properties and the fact that it is easily cleaned and does not pick up germs in the way that other materials can do. The health aspect should not be under estimated as the environment in the bathroom is ideal for growing and transmitting bugs. The lead has been taken in the kitchen where all commercial kitchens are built around stainless steel surfaces throughout along with stainless steel kitchen cupboards and backboards. This has reduced the spread of germs and consequent health problems and the bathroom is the ideal next stage.

The transmission of germs is basically carried out by hand movements and in the bathroom the points of contacts are switches, shaver sockets, fan switches, door handles as well as shower, bath and basin taps and controls. It is normal that all bath controls are chrome or other metals and this is often repeated on the door handles so the move to stainless switches and sockets was a natural occurrence.

These days it is possible to get typically brushed steel pull switches and even stainless steel rose centres although it is rare to find a rose system in a bathroom and most modern rooms have concealed or totally enclosed lighting systems and there is a move to 12 v transformed systems. The stainless shaver sockets are very elegant and fit well on the wall. They have a very flat face plate with an insulated insert in the plug sockets with sockets for both 110v and 240v equipment. Extractor fan switches are neat and slim and match the rest of the system but should be fitted on the outside of the bathroom.

There is quite a wide choice of stainless steel switches and sockets for all the applications you might need but it is worth taking time and getting a good supplier to find the best range for the applications concerned and to follow the electrical regulations which apply. A good electrician will automatically do this. It is worth remembering that anything that is bought should generally fit with the overall scheme of the switches and sockets in the place.