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2 Person Hot Tub – What Could Be More Romantic?

Have you had a long day at work and your muscles are sore or tight? For most of us, no matter what we do for a living, this is a common problem at the end of the day and we bring it home with us. One of the best remedies for this problem is hot water. Hot water is a very powerful muscle relaxer which can refresh and recharge those aching muscles, and the buoyancy of the water provides welcome relief to achy joints.

Some people will take hot showers, but you are not submerged so the heat isn’t getting to all of the muscle groups simultaneously. Other people will have baths but the problem with this is similar. Bath tubs are usually small, so some of your body is submerged in an uncomfortable position.

A much better solution to soothe aching muscles using hot water, aka hydrotherapy, is soaking in a hot tub. Not only do you get the benefit of hot water and lots of room for comfort, but you can also enjoy strategically placed spa jets – massaging those aching muscles and relaxing them back to their optimal state.

2 person hot tubs are very affordable and a convenient way to soothe muscles after a tough day at work. QCA spas are a great way to go if you are considering purchasing a 2 person hot tubs because they are easy to set up, there isn’t any confusing plumbing devices or mind-boggling wiring systems to worry about. These spas are plug and play. Simply plug the cord into a standard electrical outlet and you’re ready to go.

You don’t need a lot of room for these 2 person hot tubs either, so if the spot you want to set them up in isn’t a huge area, this will not be a problem. The 2 person hot tub is a size that can be placed inside your home or outdoors. This spa is portable, so if you want to change the location of your spa, for instance when you move or take it up to the cottage, you can. How’s that for convenience?

QCA Spas 2 person hot tubs are also affordable. You don’t need to invest a major amount of money to have such a wonderful addition to your life – to enjoy alone or with family or friends. You can’t go wrong buying a hot tub by QCA spas since the benefits of hot water hydro therapy and the ease of use are backed by a comprehensive warranty from one of the oldest spa manufacturing companies. The state-of-the-art features, combined with affordability, are a wonderful investment in your physical health and well-being.

The dimensions are approximately 7.5 ‘ long by 3.5 ‘ wide and 2.4 ‘ deep, with 2 level seating, arm rests and a slew of other features offering you comfort and peace of mind after your long tough day. Massage therapy jets are strategically placed to target your body’s pressure points, and many are adjustable for a vigorous or soothing massage. Computerized LED controls are at your finger tips and the seats are contoured to fit your body comfortably. The durable spa shell is available in a range of beautiful colors, and the spa is enclosed in a maintenance free PVC synthetic redwood cabinet – resembling fine furniture.

Just imagine the next time you come home from a long grueling day at the office or from that exhausting road trip where you’re bombarded with meeting after meeting, and enjoy soaking in your hot tub. When your back is stiff, your neck is tense and all of the rest of your body is either burning or aching, you could remedy these problems right away with your own personal 2 person hot tub.