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Bring Your Outside In

Bring Your Outside In – When you love your back yard whether you have a pool or not, you can always bring the outside in. By enclosing your patio with frames and glass, you’ve created another room in your home; a room where your family enjoys in the summer as well as the winter months. Many people spend hours outside in their back yard, but when you en-close it you’ll be free of bugs and nosey neighbors.

Patio enclosures come in different shapes, sizes and styles. You can have them totally open or totally closed. It all depends on your lifestyle. You’ll enjoy them more if you can have them somewhere in the middle, like partially open or closed, but still the fresh air drifts in.

There are still things to consider before you build your patio enclosure. If it is surrounded by glass, you don’t want to have the greenhouse effect. You’ll want the enclosure to be a place that the entire family will use all year long, so window glazing or shade screens will help by minimizing the amount of sun that comes in. You’ll need to have a way to shut it off from the remainder of your home, a door would achieve that. A door to the outside would also be advantageous.

You could install a fireplace for a cozy place during a cold winter night. Have you considered enclosing your swimming pool? It’s not impossible, and depending on the size of your pool, the expense may not be that high. Especially when you consider that you’ll be using the area for the entire year in relative privacy.

Your swimming pool will stay cleaner and warmer. Just consider condensation and in all probability it will become muggy in the room. A climate control system would solve that problem and you have accomplished a well-ventilated room. Your pool enclosure could have a convertible type system that opens and closes at the push of a button. However your costs have gone up exponentially.

The options are numerous and much depends on the amount of room in your back yard and the availability of your finances. If the area is large, a large patio enclosure will fit well. However you can enclose small as well. With a little ingenuity your new outside room can become your favorite area. So you cut down the area in your yard, your kids will be able to use the enclosed room all year and still be in when they are actually outside.