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Why Buy Kitchens Splashbacks and Worktops Made by Glass Logic?

Why Buy Kitchens Splashbacks and Worktops Made by Glass Logic?

If you are planning to give your kitchen a new lease of life, deck it with glass. Your existing countertop could be replaced with splashbacks can enliven your cooking space. This is also the cheapest way to give your kitchen much needed protection. The best accessories are kitchen splashbacks and worktops by Glass Logic.

Glass vs. granite for worktop

The worktop occupies substantial space in your kitchen and hence requires all attention. Two materials commonly used today for making countertops are granite and glass. Granite worktops are known for strength but are expensive. They are also porous, which can result in water stagnation and bacterial contamination. Glass on the other hand can be built of required strength. Durable worktops are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Glass is easy to install and replace. It is also more economical to install a glass worktop compared to a granite countertop. It comes in vibrant colours and reflects light. If you are looking to give your kitchen low cost aesthetic and functional upgrade, install kitchen splashbacks and worktops by Glass Logic.

The benefits of splashbacks

Splashbacks keep your walls clean. Any homemaker knows how messy a kitchen can get and the effort involved in keeping it clean. Splashbacks can be installed around wash areas, the countertops and even storage to prevent accidental spilling. The oil in food leads to wall staining which is prevented if splashbacks are installed. When they get dirty, wiping with a wet cloth will suffice. This will protect your walls and also save maintenance cost. Another benefit of having splashbacks is that they can lighten up the room. Even if your kitchen does not get adequate light, installing splashbacks will enhance reflection of existing light. They come in different colours, finishes and sizes. For assured durability choose kitchens splashbacks and worktops by Glass Logic.

Glass Logic three step selection process

It provides end to end services. Either you can call for an expert to come and measure your kitchen work area or you could do it. Then choose a colour from the virtual showroom. Remember you are going to be spoilt for choice, so take your time. Simply call Glass Logic with the details of the measurements and the colour of your choice. This company will call you back to fix an appointment for installation. If you however feel you need touch and feel kitchen splashbacks and worktops by Glass Logic before buying, walk in to a showroom to avail professional assistance.

Kitchen Trash Cans For Maintaining Utmost Hygiene in The Kitchens

Kitchen Trash Cans For Maintaining Utmost Hygiene in The Kitchens – Needless to say, kitchen attract a lot of trash as there is a lot of cutting and unpacking that goes on as a part of the cooking activity. Therefore it becomes imperative that you have kitchen trash cans at the appropriate places so that you can put in all the trash into the bins and keep the surroundings in the kitchen absolutely clean and tidy. There is always a great chance that the kitchen trash attracts a lot of germs and other microbial activities. So, it becomes very essential that you have the appropriate garbage cans installed in their place and maintain the hygiene that is required for the kitchens.

Kitchen trash cans are extremely important in restaurants as there is a lot of activity in the kitchen and hence lot of wastes that get accumulated too. As a matter of fact, there is some skill also needed to pick the appropriate trash cans. And the cans too are planned only circumstantially as they have to serve different functions.

There are quite a number of factors you need to seriously consider when you are investing your money in buying large garbage cans or the kitchen trash cans. How frequently are you going to empty the bin? Once in a week would call for a specific model and less than that would call for another type. The design also affects the kind of look that the room gets when it is placed at a specific point.

When the kitchen trash cans are made out of stainless steel, their maintenance becomes absolutely easy and simple too. You may also choose to have lids for the kitchen trash cans so that they not only give a clean appearance but also ward off the swarming up of flies or bees.

Large garbage cans are ideal for places where there is a lot of trash and kitchen work going on endlessly. Restaurants and hotels are the perfect example where there is a great necessity of such cans. Supply Line Direct is one such online destination which stocks up multifarious models in garbage cans as well as kitchen trash cans.

The store provides these cans at highly competitive prices and you could also get to choose from a myriad range of garbage cans that are available at the store. You could book yours basing on the function you wish the unit to serve and also basing on the space that is available for you too. Browse through the entire collection that is available at the store and place your order.

Tips For Saving Space in Compact Kitchens

Tips For Saving Space in Compact Kitchens – Although compact kitchens can be quite cosy, they do tend to present owners with the problem of finding adequate storage space. Taking down walls to expand into a neighbouring dining room may be an idea, but is not always a feasible option. There are, however, a few things owners can do to effectively create quite a bit of extra space even in a tiny kitchen without having to call in the builders.

The first possibility is obviously to think upwards. Stacking cabinets and installing wall cabinets will free lots of floor space. A few spaces should, however, be left open for art work, or perhaps some open, floating shelving, if possible, as this will help to create a more designed feel. It will also break up the monotony of a wall filled with cabinets, add a splash of colour and prevent a small kitchen from having an almost oppressive atmosphere.

By adding corner cabinets with shelving attached to the door, or with a ‘Lazy Susan’ shelving unit inside, this valuable corner space is also put to good use. An alternative is to use a corner cabinet with drawers that come out at an angle. Cabinets with shelving on the door are, in any case, a good idea, as they provide that little bit of extra storage capacity.
No matter how carefully a kitchen is measured out, there always seems to be that little bit of extra space between end cabinets and the wall. This space can be made useful by installing a slim, slide-out spice rack or, if the space is wide enough, a slide-out storage facility for bottles of oil, vinegar, and so on. It may even be possible to install a small wine rack against the side of the end base cabinet. Rather than having a free standing pantry cabinet, owners should consider having a built-in pantry, perhaps in some unused space behind a door, with floating shelves.

Trays and baskets are excellent for keeping things on the counter organised, and utensils can be kept out of the way with hooks on the wall, or coming down from floating shelves. In a similar way, a mounted knife rack will take up less valuable space than a knife block. Pots and pans can also be stored quite attractively hanging from a mounted pot rack. Plates and dishes will make an attractive display within an open shelving unit, freeing up space inside cabinets for boxes, cans and other items that do not need to be on permanent display.

Using backless stools as seating for an island or a breakfast counter allows the seats to be stored away underneath the surface to save space while not in use. If there is no room for a permanent island or counter, a rolling island that can be used as a work space, and then rolled into the centre of the room as a dining table when needed may be a solution. In this case, using stools than can be folded away and/ or placed onto a rack on the wall will be the best solution for seating necessities.

Finally, an illusion of extra space can be created by using lighter materials and mirrors. Dark colours can make an already small space feel almost claustrophobic, while lighter colours/ finishes will open up the space and make it feel altogether more airy. A few splashes of darker, contrasting colours will serve to add warmth. As it is rarely practical to have a large mirror hanging or standing in a kitchen, installing mirrored back splashes is an idea that will serve the same purpose in the most attractive and effective manner, especially if they are combined with indirect lighting and reflective work top materials.