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Kinds of Deck Material

Building a deck or adding on to one you already have is a way of expanding the living space of a home. A deck or patio is much more inexpensive than a complete addition to a home. It might not, technically, be living space, but a nice deck will add space you can utilize during the warm months of the year.

You can build a deck out of various materials. Wood is still the most common material used but there are different types of wood you can use. Composite and PVC are other common choices. Let’s look at the options.

Wood decking materials are easy to find and build. They can be Pine, Cedar, Mahogany, or other species. The important thing to look for here is green treated lumber. Lumber that is green treated will not decay as quickly as untreated lumber. Since a deck is outdoors in the weather elements year-round, it is important to protect your wood decking materials as much as possible. Green treated lumber is the first step. The species of wood you choose isn’t a make-or-break decision. They all look good and they all need regular maintenance to get them to last longer. All wood decks should be cleaned and resealed every two years at a minimum. Every year is better but every two years is almost as good.

Composite decking materials have been around a while now and their popularity has plateaued. Composite materials are made from various post-consumer products like plastics and woods. They will last longer than wood with less maintenance but they have some cons of their own. Composite decking materials are known to allow mold growth. This will depend on your climate and can easily be washed off but it is something to keep in mind. Composite decks will, also, expand and contract much more, with the temperature changes, than wood. This is rarely a problem for homeowners, however. The color can fade quickly with composite boards and some styles are quite slick when they get wet.

PVC decking materials are relatively new to the market but have already left their mark. PVC is virtually, maintenance free and can be cleaned with a garden hose. PVC decking materials now come in several different colors, including earth tones so you don’t have to settle for white vinyl. PVC will be more expensive than other materials to build with but it will last much longer and require much less maintenance. To reduce the cost a little, you can look for PVC covered composite. Some of these simply, have PVC covering one side to protect it from the weather.

Kinds of Tiles – Opt For Your Home And Office

Kinds of Tiles – Opt For Your Home And Office – There are several diverse kinds of tiles for walls, floors, covered entrances, conservatory and even swimming pool which you can find out for your tiler to place or stick to your surface, however it helps to be on familiar terms with the difference between different kinds and besides detect which ones are correct for your particular work. These can be mostly classified as follows in provisions of the substances that they are composed of:

Ceramic TilesThis is one of the trendiest kinds of tiles. These are extensively used as kitchen tiles and bathroom wall tiles. Ceramic tiles in India can be glazed otherwise unglazed with glazed being the most admired in home improvement. Unglazed ones are used more in commercial tiling.

Porcelain TilesThese are like ceramic tiles and extremely durable and hard-wearing. They tend to be more costly than the central ceramic ones available. Again, you can acquire them glazed or else unglazed. Their absorbency intensity is inferior to that of ceramic ones. These are extremely well-liked in home improvement jobs.

Natural Stone TilesThis is by and large a phrase which explains a set of tiles rather than defining a particular kind of tile. This category consists of any type of tile which comes from natural resources for example granite, marble, slate and limestone. These are all quarried and are in the grouping of natural stone tiles. They tend to be very tough. A number of them are moderately porous, so might have to have a tiling sealant applied to find the tiling job properly.

The following one can be said to fit in to the ‘natural stone tile’ collection:

Granite TilesGranite tiles come in roughcast or smooth finishes and are turning out to be more and more all the rage in home improvement jobs. It is better to make use of a rough finish on bathroom floors since smooth finish granite can be extremely greasy and can cause tripping dangers. Granite is very tough and can be obtained in diverse levels of width. Nevertheless, remember that the expenses of laying it can be more costly, as a result of the span of time taken to craft the tiling cuts and the sum of disposable tiling sharp edges used on cutting equipment with granite wall and floor tiling.

All in all, whichever tiles you prefer, always make sure that you make use of the services of a specialized tiler

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