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Justice Design Fusion Three Light Bath Bar

Selecting the right lights for your home is sometimes a difficult task. Finding the right balance between beautiful home decor and a functional light that brightly illuminates the space is tough to do. Light is a crucial element in every household that is both needed aesthetically and for practicality. Light helps make your home not only look brighter, but also bigger, fresher, and even cleaner. Investing in lights for your bathroom is even of the utmost importance. Lighting in your bathroom is often overlooked, but this household space is very important to properly illuminate. Fortunately for those looking for a good bathroom lighting fixture, the Justice Design Group has created beautiful lighting fixtures specifically for your bathroom. When I was remodeling my home, I found a lot of great fixtures from the Justice Design Group.

Perhaps my favorite fixture that Justice Design has created is the Three Light Bath Bar from the Fusion collection. This product, also known as FSN-8703, can be used as both an uplight and a downlight, making it one of the most versatile fixtures they make. Whether or not you need a downlight or an uplight, this product should work well in any bathroom. Because of the simplicity of this product, it can go in both a modern designed bathroom, a decorative and ornate bathroom, or with a plain-jane type of decor. Because of its versatility, it will match any decor you choose to remodel your bathroom to.
The Three Light Bath Bar light fixture is beautifully crafted from artisan glass. There are several different finishes available for this fixture including the following: polished chrome, dark bronze, matte black, and brushed nickel. Additionally, there are several different glass colors to pick from, many lamp shapes to choose from, as well as several different lamp options. Because of the availability of many finishes and lamp shade styles, this fixture is very versatile. It was designed to look great in any home. The light is 5.25” in depth/extension, 9.75” in height, and 26.50” in diameter. The light has a set of 3 bulbs enclosed in 3 separate shades. The appropriate bulb wattage is 100W, with a medium base bulb. Because bathrooms often have lots of moisture, it is important to have a fixture that can handle some level of moisture. The Fusion Three Light Bath Bar is suitable for damp locations.

When I was looking for a new bathroom light, this was by far my favorite light I came across. Not only because it is trendy-looking, but also because it was a reasonable price. Even though brightly illuminating the bathroom is important, I’m a strong believer in not breaking the bank for something as small and hidden as a bathroom-so this was a very reasonable buy.