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Understanding The Different Types of Concrete Finishes

Concrete floorings are cost effective and versatile, and hence a favorite among home owners and architects. You can either use them indoors as polished concrete floors, or outdoors as stamped concrete patios. With a little imagination and some planning, you can achieve as many different looks as you can imagine. Common types of concrete flooring finishes include:

Colored concrete: Plain concrete can be made to look attractive with some colors. This is done by mixing a liquid color on the concrete. It is a simple one step process that is done by mixing the load and then dumped on the concrete mixer truck only to be cast as a single monolith block. Boring sidewalks and drive ways can be made to look attractive without burning a hole in your pocket. There are different types of coloring methods and each has their own uses; costs too vary accordingly.

Stamped concrete: This is a better version of concrete flooring where impressions can be created on the concrete by using various tools. You can use this process to make real like impressions of natural stones and other floorings. European styled cobblestone pavements that would normally cost a lot can be done at less than half the cost. They are a popular choice for outdoor kitchens, and other such places such as patios, drive ways, and pool decks.

Acid Stained Flooring: Different types of colors and acids can be mixed and matched to form natural stone like finish. These are very popular for both interior as well as exterior use. You can also use this method to get wood like finish. You can also opt for polished concrete floorings that compliment the acid stained flooring color and design.

Concrete dyes: Dyes are different from acids in the sense that they do not react chemically with the concrete, yet impart color by penetrating into the porous surfaces. They also do not leave a lot of residue and hence are easy to clean up. You can either choose from water or solvent based types that are available in a wide variety of colors. But the only downside to this would be that they penetrate very easily into the cement; hence the workman would have very little margin for error. They’re also nearly as permanent as acid stained flooring. You can use them to create a wide variety of designs.

Understanding The Various Bluestone Finishes

Many homeowners have fallen in love with bluestone – it is any wonder when you realize how attractive and versatile this wonderful material is? – and use it in many areas around the home. It can range in colour from almost black to a very light grey, which only adds to its versatility and the multitude of uses that it can be put to. If you have opted to install bluestone somewhere around your home, there are a number of finishes that you can choose from.


When bluestone has been polished, its surface will shine in a way that almost resembles a mirror. Only the best quality stones can be treated with this finish, as the poorer materials simply do not hold up to the shine. It is an extremely popular choice for foyers, lobbies, kitchens, bathrooms and cladding. Whilst this finish causes bluestone to be extremely resistant to water absorption and salt attack, its polished surface can become quite slippery (especially when wet).


When bluestone has been honed, it is left with a dark grey to a black surface that has almost a velvet appearance. It is the perfect choice for indoor applications, both on the floor and the wall. When treated with a honed finish, the bluestone will be extremely resistant against wear and tear. This makes it the perfect choice for the dining room, kitchen, living room, hallway and wall cladding. This treatment does ensure plenty of grip, even when wet.


When bluestone has been flamed, its surface will be left with a soft, leathery appearance that provides plenty of traction. It is a very popular choice for outdoor applications (such as patios, driveways, pathways and pool surrounds) and has also been put to use in many commercial areas, such as cafes and restaurants. Bluestone is such a popular outdoor paver choice because it is extremely resistant to salt attack and water absorption.


When bluestone has been left in its natural split form, it will possess more of a dark grey to a black colouring and its surface will be quite rough to the touch. It is another very popular choice for outdoor applications (such as driveways and paths) because it provides good grip and doesn’t show up dirt or tyre marks. It is, however, suitable for use indoors (but usually in a cladding capacity, as the uneven bluestone can be difficult to walk on).

When choosing a finish for your bluestone, just make sure that you take into account the area that it will be installed and the application that it will be expected to perform; this will ensure that you choose the most appropriate finish for your home.

Recessed Cabinets In Attractive Finishes

Recessed Cabinets In Attractive Finishes – Bathrooms adorned with contemporary and stylish accessories reflect contemporary taste. The entire collection of bathrooms accessories with the best balance of style and practicality reflect the dexterity and innovative minds of the designers.

Showers, cabinets, taps, fixtures, mirrors, baths, shower screens, etc., are a stylish addition to bathrooms and made from superior quality material. The array of cross water taps in sleek and modern designs enhances the bathroom d?cor and gels up with other elements in the room. These feature uniform water release and are widely used in homes, hotels, restaurants and resorts. Designed as per international standards, these portray elegance and utility that suits both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Available in different designs, sizes, weights, finishes etc, these taps bear smooth lustre and chunky handles. These are known for durability, quality and flawless designs besides reflecting an aesthetic appeal. Adding style and pristine beauty to the bathrooms, these taps create a pleasing visual effect. Such accessories offer a sensuous bathing feel and complement the room d?cor. Reflecting an aura of style and functionality, bathroom cabinets play a significant role in creating an illusion of space potential even in small bathrooms. Obtainable with mirrored and sliding doors, these also bear multiple racks. The wide spectrum of recessed cabinets is suitable for storing necessary articles and creates an uncluttered space in the bathroom. Such uniquely structured cabinets render a sleek ambience to the bathroom setting. Unique in style and design, such cabinets offer maximum ease and convenience in storing essential elements. The array is designed and developed as per requisite standards and is checked on the basis of certain parameters such as design, finish, raw material used, quality etc.

The easy set-up and low maintenance of various bathroom accessories and fittings makes them a preferred choice in many households. Refurbishing bathrooms with looks and practicalities, these suit the taste and preference of the customers and offer a rejuvenating start up for the day.