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Evolution And Success of Electric Furnace

Electric Furnace is a greatly improved and an expensive version of the traditional iron. The greatest advantage of the modern furnace over the iron is that the former is approximately a quarter or twenty-five percent faster as it uses an efficient albeit expensive fuel that is ‘the electricity’. The gas prices have increased greatly over the recent years and there is not much of a difference in terms of cost between the two. The benefit of using electricity is that when you want to shut it down you can do so instantly unlike the iron furnace that has to burn itself out expending energy that goes waste. There have been some innovative designs though, but without much success, that take advantage of this wasted energy by utilizing it.

The modern electric furnace

A furnace is a broad term that may be further classified into residential and commercial and is essentially equipment that uses power to produce heat. An electric furnace could mean an industrial heat treating, an electric arc furnace in steel industry, heating kilns, central heating plant for offices, homes, malls, and large buildings, induction furnace that is used in alloy industry, muffle furnace and other industries. Furnace is not to be confused with an oven that does not reach high temperatures.

Residential home are available in a variety of models that include forced air home, electric home heating equipment, hydronic heating systems, residential fireplaces heating systems.

Ideal Residential Electric Furnace

An ideal residential electric furnace employs a range of ten to twenty-five kW equipment that is the right choice for new or replacement installations. The design should be compact so that it doesn’t occupy much space and can easily be installed in an area that doesn’t block free movement. There are three different applications in which the furnace can be installed that are upflow, downflow and horizontal. To install the electric furnace in any one of the three applications the equipment should have modular design. One of the vital components called the blower motor should be of high quality and must run in adjustable speeds, so that it is maintenance free. This equipment should be AC and heat pump ready. The electric heat accessories are used for applications of cooling with electric heat and heat pump with electric heat. Each of the air handler unit models are approved for use with specific electric heat accessories.

For quiet operation it is necessary that the cabinet should be well insulated. The accessories list such as coil, line set, condenser, heavy gauge Nichrome wire suitable heating elements should be easy to install. The electrical contractor should be able to help you with fixing dedicated double-pole circuit breakers, electrical wiring with right polarity and ground and so on. The standard equipment comes with modular multi-positional air handler and heat strips. There isn’t much that you have to do as the equipment is factory assembled, wired and quality checks done in house. Multiple tests are done to assure safety and dependability.