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TDK LTO 1 D2404100 Competent Storage Tape

TDK LTO 1 D2404100 Competent Storage Tape – Set, data storage can construct or smash a business. As the business digital and corporate, important data needs carry on rising, millions of information specialized, computer expert, and internet users look to Linear Tape Open technology for the confirmed worth, dependability and best overall performance they required to supervise, store up and protect their valuable data. Nevertheless, the Linear Tape Open storage cartridges are back by decades of expansion and knowledge, and are consequent from its world well-known tape and optical technologies, numerous of which TDK pioneered. TDK is one of the leading and outstanding manufacturers of audio, video, and storage devices for more than 60 years. The linear tape open is an open standard that means that all the Ultrium logo products are compatible and have same specifications. Reason behind the creation of Linear Tape Open is to bring high-class competence and simplicity of use in control storage settings. TDK data archive, guard, and transfer application, incorporated with superior technology, decrease storage expenses by optimizing and computerizing data security and observance responsibilities.

Rapidly growing digital and corporate data creating lots of challenges to the business and enterprises, TDK LTO Ultrium media tapes by some means control these challenges and prove to be the best and most dependable storage format ever produced.

The Linear Tape Open is combining by unique and outstanding technologies and designs to optimize higher storage capacities, faster data transfer speed, durability, data protection, and high-class performance. TDK uses quality coating and dispersion technology with use of finest and thinner metal particles to create base film that is able to have 384 data tracks, 609M long tape and half inch wide tape that has impressive recording density compare to many other existed magnetic tape formats. This combination of higher technologies and superior features helps TDK LTO 1 Tape to have 100GB native and 200GB of compressed storage capacity with fast and dependable 20MB/Sec native and 40MB/Sec of compressed data transfer speed with 2:1 compression rate.

TDK adopted some high level features to create the first TDK D2404100 LTO 1 media tape that is helps LTO technology with very successful and dependable overall performance. TDK uses a patented servo writing technology, make it certain the best and most possible accurate and stable read, and write performance with exact alignment among drive head and magnetic tape data tracks for better and positive dependability. The best design and manufacturing process also make the first LTO 1 a reliable storage media with impressive durability and protection during delivery or usage. TDK also uses its patented three piece tape spool distributing that make the tape more comfortable and share the overall stress equally over the base film surface for excellent and reliable overall performance and longer archival life. A 4KB non-contact memory chip or LTO-CM is pre install in every TDK LTO1 tape, that is able to store important and usage history data and able to communicate with Ultrium tape drive during load and unload process. The memory chip also helps drives to access the preferred data with very high speed and exact location of archive.

TDK 2404100 LTO1 is well design and dependable storage format that is impressive with capacity and transfer speed.