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How to Create a Festive Kitchen with Decorative Kitchen Islands

How to Create a Festive Kitchen with Decorative Kitchen Islands and Themed Table Linens

On Thanksgiving Day, the kitchen is a natural hub of activity with all the cooking for the scrumptious feast. Friends and family gather over tasty meals in the kitchen so decorate the kitchen islands and cabinets for the harvest fest. Dress the tables with festive Thanksgiving table linens. Here are some ideas to spruce up the for Thanksgiving.

Kitchen Islands

If you have pot racks hanging over the islands, decorate them with autumnal garlands and wreaths. These racks are the perfect spot for garlands as you can easily suspend them from the hooks. Choose garlands with faux leaves as these will last through the entire season. Enhance the fall decorations with a wreath made with seed pods, stalks of wheat and other natural elements.
If you have pendant lights or other light fixtures over the islands, add string lights as trimmings. Choose lights with a festive flair such as string lights with orange or yellow bulbs to signify fall colors. String lights shaped like pumpkins or fall leaves add a playful touch to the kitchen decor. Complement the string lights with grouped votives on the island.

Above the Cabinets

The spaces between the top of your cabinets and ceiling present an excellent spot for Thanksgiving decorating. Display decorative objects and Thanksgiving-themed dinnerware on the tops of the cabinets. Charming decorative accessories such as ceramic turkeys and pumpkins are perfect for creative themed displays above the cabinets. Decorative serving pieces like soup tureens shaped like pumpkins can be placed on the cabinets before including them on the Thanksgiving table.

Create a festive vignette for Thanksgiving above the cabinets with wooden letters. Arrange decorative wooden letters and signs to spell “Give Thanks” or “Happy Thanksgiving.” You can find these letters at arts and crafts stores. Add two to three wicker baskets filled with pumpkins besides the letter sign to create a rustic and charming display.

The Kitchen Table

Continue the fall decorating theme with colorful Thanksgiving table linens. Choose table linens embellished with botanical patterns to give an autumnal touch to the harvest celebrations. Make your own Thanksgiving table linens by embellishing runners and placemats with prints of fall leaves painted with fabric paint.
Infuse the festive cheer with these creative Thanksgiving decorating tips.

Using Bathroom Accents to Create an At Home Spa

Using Bathroom Accents to Create an At Home Spa – Is there anything better than going to the spa? From massages to facials, steam rooms and sauna’s and everything in between, a day at the spa is a rare indulgence that makes life worth living. There’s no reason why your bathroom at home can’t feel just as luxurious as a spa and with a few simple changes, you can easily and inexpensively make it happen.

The first step to creating a sublime at home spa is to upgrade your bathroom accents. The bathtub and sink aren’t easily fixed (it’s an expensive makeover) but by changing out the bathroom accessories, you can easily transform the bathroom. First, choose a new scheme for the bathroom. To create a spa-like ambience, we suggest going with muted tones in rich materials like marble, mother of pearl, or bamboo. Then pick out a new set that includes a wastebasket, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and vanity tray. No matter what kind of tub or sink you have, these new pieces will dazzle and make your bathroom feel new and retreat worthy.

The next way to create a spa-like haven in your bathroom is to go and pick out a brand new set of oversized, fluffy towels. Consider having your initials monogrammed for a special, custom touch. Go all out and replace the hand towels, bath mat, washcloths, and treat yourself to a thick and cozy robe to match the new surroundings. This simple change will make a world of difference in your bathroom. We love buying wicker baskets to hold your fluffy, rolled towels so that they’re stylishly ready at a moments notice.

Another way to add to the ambience in your new spa-like bathroom is to create the right mood with candles and lighting. If your current light fixtures don’t have a dimmer switch, install one asap! It’s an easy DIY job that you can get help with at your local hardware store. Dimmed lights are crucial in creating a cozy, soft environment that will help you relax and restore. If you don’t have the ability to install a dimmer switch, go with basic candles and revel in the soft glow that they provide.

As you can see, transforming your ho-hum bathroom into a spa-like haven is easy and inexpensive. Using bathroom accessories, new towels and the right lighting, you can quickly create the space that you’ve always dreamed of. Add some soothing bath salts and cucumber slices and you’ll think you’d died and gone to spa heaven!