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Faux Fur Comforter

Today many would agree that real fur belongs on animals and not on our beds or in our wardrobes but faux fur is an entirely different game and why not welcome it into your home with open arms. In fact why not start with a faux fur comforter?

There’s a terrific selection of faux fur patterns available online. They include, minks in colors like white, tan, light brown, dark brown, and more, chinchilla, leopard, snow leopard, zebra, cheetah, rabbit, raccoon, and beaver to name just a few.

And don’t be surprised when you suddenly discover vibrant pink faux mink comforters or some other fabulous wild and wacky color. After all you really are limited only by your imagination.

And when you find that perfect comforter don’t stop there. Why not add a half dozen throw pillows or pillow shams to compliment your comforter. Mixing and matching these furs can create a fabulous effect and if you are at all creative you’ll be able to create a warm and cozy atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

If you are looking for classic elegance than either white or black faux mink is absolutely decadent! In fact there is probably no other that can create as dramatic of impact. It’s the perfect choice for a master bedroom or a themed room. Add matching pillow shams and you’ve got the look!

Leopard prints are also great options for something a little less classic but a whole lot more fun. You can still create an element of elegance but it’s just a little sassier and a little more fun.

Zebra is a fabulous choice for a sophisticated fun combination. And in today’s market there are some terrific room accents that will complement the zebra patterns including drapes, picture frames, and rugs.

And if you are thinking about doing your teen girl’s room why not consider a super soft blue faux fur comforter? Or may a sizzling hot pink is more your daughters style? Don’t let them be bored. There are plenty of choices to fit the age while allowing them to enjoy the wonderful feel of curling up with fur.

Faux fur comforters are available in twin, double, queen, and king sizes. And you might be surprised to discover they are even available at crib size. Your young one will love you!

Picture this. It’s a blustery cold winter’s day. The wind is blowing and the snow drifts are building. In fact it’s the perfect day to stay indoors, grab a good book, a cup of hot chocolate, and your favorite faux mink comforter. Suddenly you feel like your in a world of luxury and what a great way to take a nap!

Or perhaps you’ve got a lodge or cabin you want to add those cozy comfortable touches too. Whether it’s your own personal weekend getaway or you’ve got guests that just want to be trapped in luxury these comforters are a great choice.

Prices vary depending on size, quality, manufacturer, faux fur type, and of course where you buy. There are plenty of online sites that are offering a full line of comforters that it definitely pays to shop around. Expect to pay anywhere from a hundred dollars to as much as a thousand dollars.

So which is the right comforter? Well that depends. Why not start with your room theme. If your room already has a theme then you’ll need to choose accordingly. You’ll need to decide what it is you want the comforter to do for the room’s d?cor. If you are starting from scratch you’ll need to develop your rooms theme and tie your comforter into that theme.

A faux fur comforter is the ultimate in luxury and aren’t you worth it? Whether you put it on your bed, leave it as a throw, or add it simply for looks. It is simply irresistible and your home will be just a little classier and a little more elegant than it was before.