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Ideal Home Painting Colour Combinations

Narrowing down on colour combinations for home painting job is a task that requires a decent colour sense and a bit of creative thinking. With a combination of these two anyone of us can create magic on the walls with colours. There are different themes that you can bring in your home along with the right colour combinations, below are a few of them.

The Victorian appeal: To make your home give a Victorian touch you can make use of light colours like mauves, peach or grays. Combining two or more colour shades was an important part of the Victorian designed homes, so if you are thinking of painting your walls in a different dimension go for this style. By simply painting a centre wall in shade of red, yellow or the colour of your choice and bordering it with a cream or beige coloured paint will work wonders. You can also add the element of class by hanging a chandelier. If you have a tight budget opting for hanging fixtures will help create the Victorian charm.

Nature inspired look: If you want to create a natural paradise inside your home that communicates tranquility, the nature inspired look is for you. From displaying seasons like spring, winter or the rains on your walls with bright colours to creating the dawn to dusk effect, the options are endless. Nature never goes out of style and by making use of colour combinations you can feel close to nature in your abode itself. Grab a cup of coffee with your favorite book and you will not miss the woods around as your home will provide the exact setting.

Rustic look: By painting your walls in shades of brick reds, orange and maroons you can add a rustic quotient to your home. With the placement of interiors coordinated with your wall colours the entire look can be considered complete. A dim lit room with a dark coloured background wall and light reflecting over it, an ambience perfect for a romantic dinner at your own home!

After looking at the above mentioned home painting themes for your wall colours you must have surely got an idea of how much exploration can be done on home walls. Why shouldn’t walls be part of the theme your furniture has? Wait no further and start picking some interesting colour combinations. There are loads of things to inspire you, just find one and begin planning your home painting job right away. Food, animals or contemporary art might hold your interest it can be a fun task. Depicting your love for the good things on your walls can bring out the creativity within you. Wait no longer and start looking around for your wall painting themes.