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Top Down Bottom Up Shade Vs Roman Shades

Top Down Bottom Up Shade Vs Roman Shades – Some of you may have seen your mommy or your granny standing by the kitchen door and making the one of the toughest decisions revolving around choosing one among two white aprons . . . ‘the white one or the white one’ is a type of choosing that can make life difficult for many. This is exactly what may happen if you walk into a store selling Roman shades and someone brings out the option of top down bottom up shades as well. While you may rightly be convinced about what the former can do for your home, the option of the latter is equally attractive.

You may find yourself in two minds even after making your decision way before you arrived at the store. What would you choose and why . . . how will your home interiors react to your choice . . . what are the aspects that you could possibly loose out on and what could you gain additionally? The fact is, this is a type of ‘the white one or the white one’ choice. Whatever you choose, the result will be the same. Roman shades are known for the aesthetic value they provide to the house. They come in such classy and natural materials that almost any interior can get an immediate facelift even if only one window in the entire room / house is done up with this shade. There is fabric like cotton and silk to choose from . . . there is handmade paper and bamboo to experiment with. Fabric shades come in an unbelievable variation of designs, patterns and colors. The option of having these shades custom made allows you to paint your own patterns and motifs in your shade, and you could use almost any variation that complements your personal style.

The aspect of personalization is abundant in Roman shades, something that none other in the world of window shades will provide. There is also the benefit of using completely natural material. Natural materials are porous by nature, so, while blocking light they do not necessarily block fresh air as well. The point to consider now is how the top down bottom up shades are putting up a challenging competition? The answer is simple. There was an uniqueness in these shades that none other can provide, and this is exactly how these shades have been named. While aesthetics has its place as far as interior decor is concerned, utility is an equally important factor to consider. In top down bottom up shades, the owner can have a two way option of using the shade.

This means, the former can either pull the shade down leaving the top open and the bottom shut, or may push the shade up leaving the bottom half uncovered and the top half of the window shut. This cannot be done in Roman shades. So you can save your privacy and let in light and air at the same time with the help of these shades . . . a small miracle indeed! By choosing roman shades, aesthetic will get priority and utility will follow closely, and by choosing top down bottom up shades, utility will be at the top while aesthetic will follow very closely . . . so, it is all profit and no loss in case of both !!