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You Have Waited Long Enough To Finish That Basement

Sheet rock as well as an excellent layer of paint ought to be sufficient to finsih your video game space wall surfaces. In the occasion the spending plan permits nonetheless, a ceramic floor is an exceptional choice for any type of video game area. A level display to see the video games as well as a billiard table if you’ve obtained the space will certainly round points out perfectly.

With respect to conversation, allow’s think that the objective would certainly be to obtain a completed video game space. Sheet rock and also an excellent layer of paint must be sufficient to finsih your video game space wall surfaces. In the occasion the spending plan enables nevertheless, a ceramic floor is a superb choice for any type of video game area. A level display to check out the video games and also a billiard table if you’ve obtained the area will certainly round points out perfectly.

Basement Subfloor Installation Requirements

The condition of your subfloor is a key for your floor renovation, especially for the long-term lifespan of your laminate. It helps to transform your space from a slab of concrete/ wood into something more attractive and decorative.

Before laying a single plank make sure your subfloor is appropriate to provide your new laminate flooring an excellent living area.

Standard Requirements for Subfloor

There is no difference what type of subfloor you have or plan to have, it should meet a certain set of standard requirements for basement subfloor installation. Here are a few considerations for you to make before unrolling your underlayment and installing the first plank.

–       Flat surface

In order to support your flooring properly, all types of subfloors must be flat. Acceptable biggest difference between two adjacent high points is 3/16 of an inch. That is not a lot of separation in a 10-foot radius.

If excessive voids or bends in your subfloor are available, level it before starting your installation. Fill low areas or holes with a cement and latex compound. Wait until it dry thoroughly before your flooring is installed.

–       Absence of slopes

There should not be any slopes in your subfloor either. The slope must be fixed if it is larger than an inch per six feet.

–       Clean surface

Your floors can be damaged over time with dirt and debris. Before beginning any type of floor renovation, especially laminate flooring installation, always clean and dry your subfloor.

–       Right choice of material

Carpet or padding are inappropriate materials for basement subfloor laminate installation. The ideal subfloors are made of wood and concrete. It is acceptable to install your flooring over an existing one, but always check prior to installation if the material is suitable for your basement subfloor installation.

Remember, the following materials are not suitable for a laminate installation: glued vinyl, cushioning, residential carpet. If one of these types of flooring is yours, then it should be removed before laminate installation.

The following types of subfloors are appropriate for laminate flooring:

  • Concrete
  • Vinyl that is not glued down to another subfloor
  • Terrazzo
  • OSB board
  • Exterior grade plywood
  • Particle board
  • Existing wood, not adhered to concrete
  • Ceramic

During your installation both subfloors and underlayment deserve as much attention as the actual flooring itself. Keep it in mind and you will be satisfied with a perfect end-result of your floor renovation.


How Much Does Finished Basement Cost?

Transforming your basement into a playroom for the kids, home theatre, second living room or workshop is a great way to make your home more versatile, improve the value of a property and expand the usable square footage. Besides, this project is a serious undertaking, and it is essential to estimate an average cost to finish a basement to the desired idea and standard required to meet building codes.

Finished Basement Cost

Before calculating your budget, it is important to know how the term “finished” is defined in building codes define In general, in finished basement there should be:

  • any dampness or water leakage resolved
  • electrical wiring and plumbing behind finished walls enclosed
  • an emergency exit for a habitable room added
  • accessible electrical panel boards and plumbing shut-offs provided
  • walls insulated, trimmed or painted them
  • adequate ventilation installed
  • habitable rooms at least 70 square feet and no less than 7 feet in any direction made

Many factors affect the cost of finishing a basement, the typical of them include the size of the room, its purpose and your local building codes. Basement renovations in Toronto range from $30 to $75 per square foot. On average, the cost to finish basement will fall between $6,500 to $18,500 or even more for larger spaces. But this sum has the potential of a 70-75% return on investment.

Remodeling, basement subfloor installation or finishing a basement needs a range of costs, from demolition work to new ventilation. To minimize expenses consider of common costs that include:

  • Demolition: up to $2,000 could be the price of demolition of old structures.
  • Foundations: repair of existing foundations could add $10,000 to the cost of the project.
  • Permits: A permit for electrical services or plumbing are generally inexpensive, and only cost approximately $50 to the budget.
  • Contractors: to install properly ventilation, electric points and plumbing. Approximately plumbers charge $45 to $150 per hour; electricians charge $40 to $100 per hour and painters – $15 to $20 per hour.
  • Waterproofing: an essential step for eliminating dampness and future structural issues will cost approximately $7,000.

At House Renovations we believe that every our customer deserves the greatest finishing even in finished basement. Your design can be limited only by your budget and imagination.

Get A Basement Remodel Service At An Affordable Price From

In the industry of construction, Mark Potesta began his career in the year 1984. At Libertyville, he built his very first family home. His passion for building homes got ignited after he initiated this personal project. Potesta & Sons Construction thus started and now it is known as PS Custom Homes.

His father was of the belief that if customers were offered the finest custom home remodel or home building service at a cost effective price and were also told how much their custom was appreciated, then they would come back to you. Accordingly, the company has maintained this belief all through the years.

Reputation As A Trusted Builder

Mark Potesta followed this concept of providing a cost effective product when PS Custom Homes was founded which helped the company earn a reputation of being the most trusted, honest and well liked contractor in the world.
All of the previous clients are used as reference by Mark. Most unique in his home building business, is his communicative style, honesty as well as integrity. All subcontractors are treated with respect and fairness which gets translated into an exclusive experience for customers that is not only enjoyable but also smooth.

Increase In Referrals And Returning Clients

The company feels proud with the continued growth and success it has attained largely due to the large number of clients returning back and referrals. Whether it is a Ranch, French, contemporary or Mediterranean style, this home builder has all experience essential in constructing architectural styles in the widest range.

Vision of the architect is translated in the most accurate manner even if in case a traditional style is not followed. Whether it is on a location at the hillside or any type of lot, PS Custom Homes has built homes at some of the most difficult locations.

Special Expertise And Quality Craftsmanship

Home buyers can rest assured of being offered homes designed with special expertise in interior and exterior design, home building and home designing. Customers are provided a set of specifications to describe labor and materials used in building houses. It is on the basis of quality craftsmanship that PS Custom Homes Company has built its reputation as one of the best home builders.

Whatever may be the construction phase, in the kitchen remodel, basement remodel or bathroom remodel , materials in the highest quality are used which is well associated to the company name. In the field of residential construction, the company has remained committed since 28 years. Several homes have been remodeled in various regions in Illinois.

Lowered Utility Bills

PS Custom Homes Company is into the business of remodeling and building energy efficient homes. Utility bills get automatically lowered due to the state of the art technology used in construction, besides ensuring better quality of air within the indoors, reducing pollution caused due to noise, and smaller carbon footprint.

Clients are able to get peaceful and quiet homes to stay, when they hire home building and remodeling services from this reputed company. Anyone is guaranteed to feel impressed with the kind of award winning homes created which are worth recommending to friends, relatives, etc without any hesitation.

Basement Renovations

Basement Renovations –  Doing basement renovations are great idea to make create more space at your home when you want to have. There are hundreds of reasons for you to do this. The advantage of having basement renovations is that the value of your house when you sell it will increase. This only means that basement renovations are profitable.
The cost of basement remodel in an average rate is around $5100, that will be back to you in range of 90.1 percent when you resale your house.

There are lots of choices that are available to be pondered by homeowners who want to have basement renovations project. You can have a cozy family room, a home gym, wine cellar or even a guest room by transforming your dank empty space. The possibilities are unlimited.

There are many preparations that should be considered first before starting your renovations project. Basements are well-known to be flood prone so it is really vital to fix all the cracks in the foundation. If this is your case, you really need to deal with this problem before starting to work.

New electrical wiring as well as plumbing is the things that you can do while you are involve in basement renovations. In order to have an easy maintenance when you have already finished the project you should make sure that those things are accessible. You should establish pre-finished panels to accomplish these things also if it is important.

In your basement ceiling, you may pick simple plasterboard. On the other hand, you can have acoustic or suspended tiles when you have the height especially to avoid noise of the traffic stairs. Many professionals advice to have a complete installation of new sub floor instead of installing laminate, tiling or carpeting straightly over a concrete floor. These are good ideas for your basement renovations.

In order to be successful in your renovations project you must select the right amount or kind of lightning that is suitable for your basement. It is normal that basement’s location is underground which makes it to become a darker room. In order to solve this scenario, you should install something that will not just create a wonderful atmosphere in your space but also the one that can make you to perform your tasks easily. On great way to make light enter your basement is to check for lightning passage.

The basement color ideas should be suitable; for your basement renovations so that you can use your time efficiently. You can choose bold and bright colors since it is suitable for your basement space. But be sure that the color that you will chose will blend well with the rest of your home.

The main objective of your renovations project is to add a space that goes along well with the rest of your house. By choosing the mismatched furnishings, economizing too much and using shoddy materials will just mess up your plan. If you do this you will just create a space that is cluttered. On the other side of the coin, when you spend the right amount of money as well as effort can lead you to your success.