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A High Quality Awning Spruce Up Your Patio

Summer’s here and you want to get out and enjoy your patio but it has no shade. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, just call the professionals at Warburton’s Inc. for awnings Salt Lake City! They can give you estimates, help you find the right solutions for your problem and transform your patio into a place that can be enjoyed come rain or shine.

Whether you’re looking for solar screens, solid top awnings, open lattice awnings, commercial awnings or patio rooms, you’ve come to the right place. We offer high quality awnings Salt Lake City area and you won’t be disappointed with our work.

Not only will a high quality awning spruce up your patio, it can help you save money, too! Are you aware that having the awnings Salt Lake City professionals install an awning or patio cover can help you save energy? Awnings help shade your home from the sun and that will lower the amount of solar radiation your home is exposed to. Doesn’t that sound like an incentive to give the professionals a call for awnings Salt Lake City?

Another great reason to have a high quality awning installed, is that it will give your property a boost when it comes to the overall value. If you think you might want to someday sell your home, having an awning or patio cover from awnings Salt Lake City will give your home an added value, which will help you in the long run.
So what type of awnings Salt Lake City do you need us to install? We have several options and we’ll go through them one-by-one. First let’s talk about what a solid top awning is and what it can give your Salt Lake City home. A solid top awning will give your home much-needed protection during every season. Because of it’s solid top feature, your home receives protection from the sun, rain and snow. Another feature for this type of awning is the ventilated ends that uniquely allows a cool breeze through but pushes hot trapped air out. A solid top awning will protect your home from sun damage as well as help you save on air conditioning costs during the summer.

The next type of awning we’re going to discuss is an open lattice awning. This awning is perfect if you’re looking for some shade on your patio and in your home and if you don’t want to shade out the sun completely. An open lattice awnings Salt Lake City will give your home some sunlight while helping to maintain that outdoor feel as well.

Perhaps you’re looking for commercial awnings Salt Lake City? Well, you’re in luck, because we offer commercial awnings as well. A custom commercial awning will give your business a clean polished look as well as provide you and your customers with shade. We have experience in commercial awnings for churches, schools, hotels, restaurants and more.

Whatever your needs are when it comes to awnings Salt Lake City, please know that we are happy to help you and will offer you an experience that we are sure you’ll be pleased with. So when you’re planning on giving your house a face lift with a patio cover or awning, don’t hesitate to call Warburton’s Inc. because you’ll save money and energy and cut down on your air conditioning costs!