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Relaxing with a New Friend

One day the impossible finally happened. My old recliner finally bit the dust. I bought that recliner many decades ago, and it has served me well. It showed signs of wear and tear over the years, but it still help up. It would squeak and groan each time I pulled the lever, but I would still use it. On it’s final day, I pulled the lever and heard a loud snap. The foot rest then fell off and couldn’t be re attached. My wife suggested that I replace it with a recliner with ottoman so I wouldn’t have to worry about the same thing happening again.

I liked the all in one style of the recliner I had, but it carried the problem of having more moving parts that could break. Once the foot rest broke off from the old recliner, then it just became a regular chair. I was going to just throw it out on the street for the garbage men to pick up, but my wife convinced me to take it to the thrift store so it wouldn’t end up in some landfill. People always say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and I’m sure that some person will be able to find a good use for the chair, even though it’s old and broken.

I ordered the new recliner and ottoman online and it arrived in a few days. It’s a black leather swivel recliner that looks similar to the old recliner. I put it right in the same spot that the old recliner was in. When I sat in it the first time, it had that new chair feel. It felt nice to sit in front of the television again with my feet up. I plan on having just as many good memories with the new recliner as I did my old one.