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Traditional Bathroom Suites to Compliment Your Home

Traditional Bathroom Suites to Compliment Your Home – Bathroom are the most vital room anywhere and it is also becoming a crucial place to unwind and relax. While these suites come in a variety of styles, traditional bathroom suites are always a charm to any bathroom and can transform it in to a luxurious and elegant haven. Traditional bathrooms always make a home because they focus on natural materials and warmer colours and definitely ensure that your bathroom is relaxing and cosy. These suites are never out of fashion and they often replaced just to follow new trends. If you’re looking out for bathroom suites with period style detailing and traditional good looks, then visit Bath House. They are one of the leading specialist bathroom retailers. They work with top designers to bring you the most beautiful bathrooms. Their enthusiasm and professionalism will help you find the best products you need to complete the perfect bathroom. All their traditional bathroom suites are sourced from top quality manufacturers like Villeroy & Boch, Vogue, etc., and thus reflect a strong sense of style and quality.

Villeroy & Boch brand is always known for its quality, stylish designs and innovation. The range of traditional bathroom suites offers timeless elegance, a touch of luxury and special kind of warmth. Their products have an easy to clean surface and are manufactured in such a way that limescale will not build up on them. Villeroy & Boch crafts products to make life easy and it is no wonder that they have revolutionised the bathroom industry with their bathroom suites range in which all various elements were coordinated in design. Their exclusive range offers you with wide options to personalise your very own signature bathroom. For memorable traditional bathroom suites choose their Villeroy & Boch Amadea pottery set. This set has delicate contours, an elegant washbasin with pedestal and coordinated ceramic accessories.

For utterly fantastic traditional bathroom suites, choose their suites from Vogue brand. Through their unique collections they ensure affordable luxury, quality and style. Backed with over 20 years of experience, they pride themselves on quality, innovation, service and efficiency. Their unparalleled product design reflects their commitment to perfection. Their traditional bathroom suites and Bathroom Fixtures are full of character and are highly functional. For an instant traditional look choose their Vogue Belton pottery set. It comes in a white gloss finish. It features a washbasin with a full pedestal, ceramic WC pan and cistern set with white toilet seat.

Utilizing Mosaic Tiles to Beautify Your Bathroom Shower Area

Utilizing Mosaic Tiles to Beautify Your Bathroom Shower Area – Aside from functionality, enhancing the aesthetics is a primary objective in home remodeling. Obviously, beautifying your home and making it look unique do magic to a home. One way to achieve that is by just choosing the right type of tile that would conveniently enhance the spot you’re fixing.

Mosaic tiles can be found in a wide array of colors, layouts, and textures, providing a more radiant atmosphere unlike normal tiles. Possibilities are limitless with mosaic tiles. When used creatively, they can help establish the atmosphere of a given area in your house.

The key to the correct use of mosaic tiles is based on choosing the right color and size for a certain area in your home. Consider these two aspects cautiously because they will bring about the theme and mood of the room that you are designing. Nonetheless, do not get caught up stressing too much about your option; it’s okay to experiment and have a little fun.
You can start by playing around in the shower area of your bathroom. If you prefer a natural look, choose earth colors. You can opt for deep and light browns or tans, and throw in some black stones. Include some complementing plants and soaps as well as a matching shower curtain, and you’re ready to go.

For a fun take on a rustic look, you can take a look at possible choices using basket weave tile. If you would like a uniform feel, choose one color but carried out different shades. Opt for deep greens, bold greens, dark greens, and jade greens, for instance. Cap it off with miniature bamboos. If you feel bringing in plants would entail too much hassle, you can play around with little highlights to improve the mood. For example, you can place scented candles on the rim of the bathtub.

On the other hand, you can opt for crema marfil basketweave tiles if you need something that leans more on simple sophistication and traditional flair. Deep blue, for instance, emits an ageless feel. This would go well if your walls are colored in similar hues, or perhaps if they’re in a lighter shade so the interesting contrast could be unfailingly noticeable. This is a secure bet if you’re sharing the bathroom with kids, or if it is in the guestroom. It is uncomplicated, but still manages to be inviting and warm.

Tips For Saving Space in Compact Kitchens

Tips For Saving Space in Compact Kitchens – Although compact kitchens can be quite cosy, they do tend to present owners with the problem of finding adequate storage space. Taking down walls to expand into a neighbouring dining room may be an idea, but is not always a feasible option. There are, however, a few things owners can do to effectively create quite a bit of extra space even in a tiny kitchen without having to call in the builders.

The first possibility is obviously to think upwards. Stacking cabinets and installing wall cabinets will free lots of floor space. A few spaces should, however, be left open for art work, or perhaps some open, floating shelving, if possible, as this will help to create a more designed feel. It will also break up the monotony of a wall filled with cabinets, add a splash of colour and prevent a small kitchen from having an almost oppressive atmosphere.

By adding corner cabinets with shelving attached to the door, or with a ‘Lazy Susan’ shelving unit inside, this valuable corner space is also put to good use. An alternative is to use a corner cabinet with drawers that come out at an angle. Cabinets with shelving on the door are, in any case, a good idea, as they provide that little bit of extra storage capacity.
No matter how carefully a kitchen is measured out, there always seems to be that little bit of extra space between end cabinets and the wall. This space can be made useful by installing a slim, slide-out spice rack or, if the space is wide enough, a slide-out storage facility for bottles of oil, vinegar, and so on. It may even be possible to install a small wine rack against the side of the end base cabinet. Rather than having a free standing pantry cabinet, owners should consider having a built-in pantry, perhaps in some unused space behind a door, with floating shelves.

Trays and baskets are excellent for keeping things on the counter organised, and utensils can be kept out of the way with hooks on the wall, or coming down from floating shelves. In a similar way, a mounted knife rack will take up less valuable space than a knife block. Pots and pans can also be stored quite attractively hanging from a mounted pot rack. Plates and dishes will make an attractive display within an open shelving unit, freeing up space inside cabinets for boxes, cans and other items that do not need to be on permanent display.

Using backless stools as seating for an island or a breakfast counter allows the seats to be stored away underneath the surface to save space while not in use. If there is no room for a permanent island or counter, a rolling island that can be used as a work space, and then rolled into the centre of the room as a dining table when needed may be a solution. In this case, using stools than can be folded away and/ or placed onto a rack on the wall will be the best solution for seating necessities.

Finally, an illusion of extra space can be created by using lighter materials and mirrors. Dark colours can make an already small space feel almost claustrophobic, while lighter colours/ finishes will open up the space and make it feel altogether more airy. A few splashes of darker, contrasting colours will serve to add warmth. As it is rarely practical to have a large mirror hanging or standing in a kitchen, installing mirrored back splashes is an idea that will serve the same purpose in the most attractive and effective manner, especially if they are combined with indirect lighting and reflective work top materials.

Kinds of Tiles – Opt For Your Home And Office

Kinds of Tiles – Opt For Your Home And Office – There are several diverse kinds of tiles for walls, floors, covered entrances, conservatory and even swimming pool which you can find out for your tiler to place or stick to your surface, however it helps to be on familiar terms with the difference between different kinds and besides detect which ones are correct for your particular work. These can be mostly classified as follows in provisions of the substances that they are composed of:

Ceramic TilesThis is one of the trendiest kinds of tiles. These are extensively used as kitchen tiles and bathroom wall tiles. Ceramic tiles in India can be glazed otherwise unglazed with glazed being the most admired in home improvement. Unglazed ones are used more in commercial tiling.

Porcelain TilesThese are like ceramic tiles and extremely durable and hard-wearing. They tend to be more costly than the central ceramic ones available. Again, you can acquire them glazed or else unglazed. Their absorbency intensity is inferior to that of ceramic ones. These are extremely well-liked in home improvement jobs.

Natural Stone TilesThis is by and large a phrase which explains a set of tiles rather than defining a particular kind of tile. This category consists of any type of tile which comes from natural resources for example granite, marble, slate and limestone. These are all quarried and are in the grouping of natural stone tiles. They tend to be very tough. A number of them are moderately porous, so might have to have a tiling sealant applied to find the tiling job properly.

The following one can be said to fit in to the ‘natural stone tile’ collection:

Granite TilesGranite tiles come in roughcast or smooth finishes and are turning out to be more and more all the rage in home improvement jobs. It is better to make use of a rough finish on bathroom floors since smooth finish granite can be extremely greasy and can cause tripping dangers. Granite is very tough and can be obtained in diverse levels of width. Nevertheless, remember that the expenses of laying it can be more costly, as a result of the span of time taken to craft the tiling cuts and the sum of disposable tiling sharp edges used on cutting equipment with granite wall and floor tiling.

All in all, whichever tiles you prefer, always make sure that you make use of the services of a specialized tiler

Somany ceramics in India is the manufacturers of the A one-stop destination for stylish imported tiles and sanitary ware.

Using Bathroom Accents to Create an At Home Spa

Using Bathroom Accents to Create an At Home Spa – Is there anything better than going to the spa? From massages to facials, steam rooms and sauna’s and everything in between, a day at the spa is a rare indulgence that makes life worth living. There’s no reason why your bathroom at home can’t feel just as luxurious as a spa and with a few simple changes, you can easily and inexpensively make it happen.

The first step to creating a sublime at home spa is to upgrade your bathroom accents. The bathtub and sink aren’t easily fixed (it’s an expensive makeover) but by changing out the bathroom accessories, you can easily transform the bathroom. First, choose a new scheme for the bathroom. To create a spa-like ambience, we suggest going with muted tones in rich materials like marble, mother of pearl, or bamboo. Then pick out a new set that includes a wastebasket, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and vanity tray. No matter what kind of tub or sink you have, these new pieces will dazzle and make your bathroom feel new and retreat worthy.

The next way to create a spa-like haven in your bathroom is to go and pick out a brand new set of oversized, fluffy towels. Consider having your initials monogrammed for a special, custom touch. Go all out and replace the hand towels, bath mat, washcloths, and treat yourself to a thick and cozy robe to match the new surroundings. This simple change will make a world of difference in your bathroom. We love buying wicker baskets to hold your fluffy, rolled towels so that they’re stylishly ready at a moments notice.

Another way to add to the ambience in your new spa-like bathroom is to create the right mood with candles and lighting. If your current light fixtures don’t have a dimmer switch, install one asap! It’s an easy DIY job that you can get help with at your local hardware store. Dimmed lights are crucial in creating a cozy, soft environment that will help you relax and restore. If you don’t have the ability to install a dimmer switch, go with basic candles and revel in the soft glow that they provide.

As you can see, transforming your ho-hum bathroom into a spa-like haven is easy and inexpensive. Using bathroom accessories, new towels and the right lighting, you can quickly create the space that you’ve always dreamed of. Add some soothing bath salts and cucumber slices and you’ll think you’d died and gone to spa heaven!