Is Bamboo Right For Me?

Is Bamboo Right For Me?
Bamboo Flooring is becoming very popular in Australia with the passage of time. Most people prefer to select this option for new houses and in renovation of homes. If you are not confirmed about wicker, flooring will be proved as well for your home or not. You need to go to understand and know the advantages and disadvantages of this material. Bamboo floors may add a unique look into your new house or in renovation. If you have a marble stone floor and looking to install bamboo floor it will be the best decision of you because bamboo floors brings unique and ideal look for your home.
This flooring is easy to install, but require little maintenance time to time. This type of flooring is best, suits your needs, and meets the requirements of the living and bedroom areas of the home. The question is why only bamboo floors are suitable and best for homes while there are many other types of floors available in Australia. The solution of this inquiry will made when you understand its advantages. It is well said “everything does not show 100% results”, so bamboo material has also some disadvantages besides many important advantages.
What arethe Advantages of Bamboo? : The wicker fabric has tons of advantages such as durability, suitability, and environmental friendliness, variety of styles, warmth, variety and effortlessness maintenance. Let us discuss these advantages one by one.
Durability: The recent research on wicker wood durability confirms that the strength and hardness of specific species of wicker wood rank solid bamboo flooring at ‘1762’ while it rates engineered bamboo flooring as a 1690. It clears that both kinds of flooring are harder as compared to white and red oak tree wood. Bamboo fabric is an extremely durable flooring choice for homes or offices and the utilization of this flooring is affluently for children and pets. Its intensity is very high as it can tolerate the high traffic in living rooms and hallways. Moreover, it does not provide damage to the floor if a kitchen object falls over it.
Suitability: Bamboo floors have high climatic suitability as compared to hardwood, oak and other flooring options. The reason of its climatic suitability is bamboo is grown in the tropics and it bears various weather conditions throughout growing , however it does not affected by any climate condition.
Cost: Bamboo flooring is less cost-effective because it does not require repairing long run once installed. Its installation is very easy however, it demands less cost for installation.
Variety: Bamboo flooring is manufactured in several forms. The natural grains of wicker give a unique and impressive look to the fabric. It is available in three main choices of colors including light blonde color, natural bamboo and carbonized bamboo. Now it is your choice what matches or suitable for home or workplace decor.
Warmth: Bamboo flooring gives a completely natural look to your abode. The colors and material of this floor rally attract to the eyes. Maintenance: Do you know what another selling point of wicker flooring is? It requires easy taking care. Special and effecting chemical detergents and cleaning products are not needed in wicker flooring cleaning. You just need to use mop on these floors in order to remove dust and dirt particles.
What are the disadvantages of Bamboo? : There are a couple of disadvantages of bamboo flooring such as, cannot install outdoor areas and cannot install at moist surface. Bamboo flooring is possible to install in living room, sleeping room, hallways and kitchen but cannot be installed in the outdoor areas of your home and kitchen. Like, it cannot be fixed on open garage and outside the home. This material is easy to install at dry surface and impossible to install at moist surface areas. In bathroom and laundry, you cannot install it.