How Much Does Finished Basement Cost?

Transforming your basement into a playroom for the kids, home theatre, second living room or workshop is a great way to make your home more versatile, improve the value of a property and expand the usable square footage. Besides, this project is a serious undertaking, and it is essential to estimate an average cost to finish a basement to the desired idea and standard required to meet building codes.

Finished Basement Cost

Before calculating your budget, it is important to know how the term “finished” is defined in building codes define In general, in finished basement there should be:

  • any dampness or water leakage resolved
  • electrical wiring and plumbing behind finished walls enclosed
  • an emergency exit for a habitable room added
  • accessible electrical panel boards and plumbing shut-offs provided
  • walls insulated, trimmed or painted them
  • adequate ventilation installed
  • habitable rooms at least 70 square feet and no less than 7 feet in any direction made

Many factors affect the cost of finishing a basement, the typical of them include the size of the room, its purpose and your local building codes. Basement renovations in Toronto range from $30 to $75 per square foot. On average, the cost to finish basement will fall between $6,500 to $18,500 or even more for larger spaces. But this sum has the potential of a 70-75% return on investment.

Remodeling, basement subfloor installation or finishing a basement needs a range of costs, from demolition work to new ventilation. To minimize expenses consider of common costs that include:

  • Demolition: up to $2,000 could be the price of demolition of old structures.
  • Foundations: repair of existing foundations could add $10,000 to the cost of the project.
  • Permits: A permit for electrical services or plumbing are generally inexpensive, and only cost approximately $50 to the budget.
  • Contractors: to install properly ventilation, electric points and plumbing. Approximately plumbers charge $45 to $150 per hour; electricians charge $40 to $100 per hour and painters – $15 to $20 per hour.
  • Waterproofing: an essential step for eliminating dampness and future structural issues will cost approximately $7,000.

At House Renovations we believe that every our customer deserves the greatest finishing even in finished basement. Your design can be limited only by your budget and imagination.

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