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EPDM Roofing Kit

EPDM Roofing Kit

EPDM is an extremely versatile product. Not merely could it be used on industrial and residential structures, but also on recreational automobiles, travel trailers, cellular homes, or modular structures. Many contractors make use of EPDM sets for moveable buildings.

All sets include EPDM one ply membrane and termination bar with screws. The EPDM membrane comes in various sizes, some producers will slice the EPDM membrane to your specs while others are just sold in established sizes. The EPDM is certainly black or white, in 45 or 60 mil thicknesses, and simple or strengthened membranes. The EPDM membrane is normally sold without trouble so that a couple of no seams.

Other accessories can include tube boots or steel collars, lap sealant and caulking put on exposed edges such as for example around the bottom of tube shoe flashings, j-channel used seeing that termination club and a drinking water diverter, or 90 level L-metal used in roofing edge. RMS remove can be used at places where there will vary roofing elevations, one part from the perimeter offers adhesive, as the additional side is definitely fastened with screws and plates. Lap sealant can be used at places where there will be revealed or slice areas such as for example along the seams or about the perimeter of areas becoming flashed with cover tape. Seam tape can be used to seal the seams, healed cover tape can be used in the perimeter of roofing to protect the termination pub and on additional blinking information, uncured cover tape is definitely more versatile and can be used for blinking details, primer can be used to perfect the area in the seams or areas where EPDM flashings will be applied to be able to get a great seal. If independent bits of EPDM membrane are required because of the size from the modular building or recreational automobile, you might also have to use the pursuing components: seam tape, healed cover tape, uncured cover tape, primer, lap sealant, RMS remove, and screw plates.

EPDM kits usually do not include insulation, nonetheless it is strongly suggested the fact that EPDM membrane be employed directly over insulation. One – two levels of EPS or ISO plank insulation are put on the roofing deck. With fiberglass (batt) insulation you are able to affordably obtain an R-factor of around 20 which is approximately 6″‘s . You need to be sure you penetrate just the roofing trusses as well as the roofing framing, usually you will likely end up being putting a gap in the inside ceiling. Regular in share thicknesses for extended EPS or ISO is certainly 1″. Fiberglass (batt) insulation can be less costly than EPS or ISO, hence you can raise the R-factor from the roof covering system. You should use extended polystyrene (EPS), polyisocyanurate (ISO), or fiberglass (batt) insulation.5 per inches. It’s very versatile while 4′ x 8′ bed sheets aren’t. EPS board comes with an insulating R-factor of around 4, ISO table comes with an insulating R-factor of 7 per in ., and fiberglass (batt) insulation comes with an insulating R-factor of around 3. In the event that you try to make use of EPS or ISO table you’ll be with uninsulated areas around the entire roofing perimeter. If you’re likely to mechanically fasten extended EPS or ISO table right to the roofing deck, become very cautious, certainly, there is definitely not quite definitely room. If you’re coping with a cellular structure that’s curved to the exterior roofing perimeter, then it might be in your very best interest to set up fiberglass (batt) insulation. If you’re setting up an EPDM package on a totally flat roofing, then make use of 4′ x 8’ bedding of extended EPS or ISO . You can even make use of high-density fiber table, nevertheless, when high-density table gets damp it totally deteriorates, if you possess a roofing leak then your roofing renovations could possibly be rather costly. Fiberglass insulation could be loose laid or completely honored the roofing deck.

Usually there reaches least one soil pipe, hot stack pipe, and furnace flue on the top. Make sure if you are place insulation around these pipes that we now have no open areas. Reinstall or replace them after the EPDM continues to be installed. Be sure you remove any (detachable) roofing vents, lover hoods, or additional flashing collars therefore they don’t puncture the EPDM membrane therefore the membrane can place smoothly of these areas. Duct tape ought to be used over any cut pipes such that it will not puncture the EPDM membrane.

Next comes installing the EPDM membrane. Tube footwear or field fabricated flashings are put around protrusions. Having a loose laid program, the EPDM membrane is definitely loosely laid down the complete amount of the cellular framework and with completely adhered systems, the EPDM membrane is normally completely adhered with bonding adhesive straight within the insulation. Both systems are terminated around the entire roofing perimeter with termination club or j-channel. Pay out special focus on areas around pipes which means you don’t puncture the EPDM membrane or harm the pipes. Both systems are set up exactly how these are defined. Two types of EPDM membrane set up are loose laid (blanket program) and completely adhered.

It really is strongly recommended that you utilize a skilled licensed roofing service provider to set up an EPDM cell roofing package. All producers’ specifications ought to be implemented. This report ought to be utilized only being a guideline.

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