Convenience First For Garage Doors

One of the first of these is convenience. You can get a lot of excellent information from your local garage door opener in Vancouver WA company.

The fact is that getting in and out of your car in normal conditions is not an ergonomically normal movement. Take the test of designing a normal set of steps. We are used to steps that have a certain rise for a certain distance. It matches the natural cadence of walking. If the steps are two wide, then we feel ourselves swaying forward as we walk, as if we were channeling our inner gorilla. If the steps are too narrow, then we feel the pressure of the climb, and start to look back to see if we are climbing a precipice. Seating into a car is similar. Try this at your next visit to a fast-food restaurant. Many restaurants these days have several types of seating, including normal seats and bar-stool seats. Which one feels more natural and easier to seat oneself? With a little experience, you’ll find that the most natural seat has the seat level right at the base of your buttocks. The same thing applies to a car. The easiest car to get into has a tall seat, like some recreational vehicles. Even a high cab that requires you to step up from a side rail is easier, because again the seat is nice and high in relation to the top of your legs. Now compare it to seating yourself in a normal car. You have to scrunch your legs as you sit, like the lowest seats at a restaurant. In fact, it starts to seem like trying to sit down in the lowest seats at your child’s kindergarten. We get used to the motion, but this is why getting in and out of a car several times in a short period of time is a pain in the neck. A similar story can be told about having to lean over to pass under the top of the door opening.

This is one of the major reasons why automatic doors are so popular. It’s also why your garage door opener in Vancouver WA store maintains a lively business. Owners who park their cars in a garage for protection often envy those who park in the open, who can just jump in their cars and go.

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