Classic Bathroom With Bathroom Tiles

The floors in the bath area tend to be slippery due to the constant flow of water. Besides, the soap and the oiliness add on to it creating a bad odour and slippery floors. To keep the bathrooms clean can be really a daunting task for many of the housewives. So, when you select the flooring for the bath area just ensure you do some research and follow simple steps.

The first and foremost will be to understand the room measurements. It’s very essential as there is a lot of variety of tiles that is available in the market that you need to select the one that suits your area. There are different types of materials used to fill up the floor space like the natural stones, porcelain and even artificially created vitrified tiles. Each one comes with their own set of pros and cons. Bathroom tiles and their different varieties need to be understood before finalising on any particular material. For this, you must do some ground work like online research which will give you the reviews of many users of different types of flooring. Besides, another factor that needs to be considered is the price and the availability of the patterns.

Granite tends to be expensive but durable and lasts for a lifetime. It really gives a rich look than the marble and even sparkling tiles which are recently becoming hot favourite as it adds glamour to the interiors of the bath area.
Another point that needs to be considered is the size of the bathroom tiles. You get large as well as small square shaped tile. It’s advisable to go for larger ones only if you have large rooms as it forms particular patterns which can be effective in larger space. Small size is apt for the smaller rooms as it gives a cute and nice impact on the room. When you place large flooring for small room it actually spoils the whole ambience of your room.

The next factor is the colour shades. Generally, subtle colours are preferred by most of the people like ivory, blue and grey. However, it’s also good to use bold colours to complement your fittings in the bathrooms. Bathroom tiles are now available in different colour shades and latest trends include formation of designs like floral, geometric or even patch works. Such distinct styles make your room all the more rich and elite.

It’s also a great idea to place the tiles according to the area like a different non slippery one near the shower area, glazed tiles near the dry area and so on. The countertops around the wash area can be decorated with sparkling and porcelain tiles.