Benefits of Using Anti Bacterial Tiles

While it is true that tiles are a very hygienic option for floors and easy to clean as well, what if the deal got better and you got to know they are now available as being anti bacterial in nature? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is true! Anti bacterial tiles just arrived to make your life simpler.

What are they?

Anti bacterial tiles are manufactured using a special technology. Ceramic tiles are embedded with mineral particles such as titanium dioxide which are naturally anti microbial and can eliminate different types of bacteria such as E coli, Enterococuss, Staphylococuss, Psuedomonas etc. They also help to cut out some polluting agents in the air and remove odor in it. Some tiles require light to carry out a process called photocatalysis while others can work even without light.

Advantages of using These Tiles

While eliminating atmospheric pollution is the main benefit of using these tiles, they have other plus points as well.

Cleaning tiles can be very tedious and it takes some effort to maintain the hygiene and sparkle in living spaces. But anti bacterial tiles have a solution for this. They require the least amount of cleaning, of course you still need to use water to mop away particles or spills, but you will not have to depend on harsh bleaching and other chemical agents to kill germs. You will end up exposing yourself and your family members to fewer chemicals.

Natural tiles are perfect for both exterior and indoor applications. Many residential and commercial establishments such as homes, department stores, hospitals, and hotels have take advantage of these tiles. You can also see them adorn corridors, lobbies, swimming pools etc.

Options Available

You will find ceramic tiles in a plethora of shades and designs; you can choose something that best suits your floor, whether it is an indoor or outdoor application. They are available in different neutral colors and various formats and finishes. They are ideal for use in any home or environment, especially in spaces that need to be kept clean such as bathrooms, hospitals, aged care facilities, kitchens etc. They do not require any other special treatment and can be laid the same way normal tiles are laid.

Modern Efficient Floor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating and cooling systems regularize the temperature indoors on cold winter days using a combination of radiation, conduction, and convection. Modern systems use warm water underfloor heating methods to give the perfect room temperature by balancing convicted heat and radiated heat. This type of heating can be used with any kind of floors like carpeted floors, stone floors, hardwood, or linoleum though stone flooring gives the best results. It is an economical and environmental friendly way to warm up your home. This also allows you to regulate the temperature in different rooms irrespective of how cold the weather is outside. Not only is it economical, it is also a healthy way of heating your home and creates a safe environment for your family.

Benefits Of Water Underfloor Heating

New home projects and home renovation projects are increasingly using water underfloor heating methods as the best solution for the problem. They are ideal for use in conservatories and cellar areas. The advantage of using this method is that it rises up from the floor since the heat is emitted from the floor. The areas to be heated are separated into different units or zones and each of them are heated and controlled independently. In countries where the winter is severe, is no longer an option but a necessity. These system saves as much as 20% of the utility bills when compared to conventional radiators. Installation charges are reasonable especially when it is installed during the construction phase itself. Since the heating is unobtrusive and below the floor, it allows you to use whatever kind of flooring you wish to use.

Components Of Water Underfloor Heating System

This system uses many components, the chief of which are pipes. Pipes, which are tough and durable and with an oxygen resistant layer, are built into the floor during the construction phase itself. A manifold consists of multiple valves which regulate the temperature of the different areas of the home by opening and closing the valves. The thermostat controls the temperature indoors by opening and closing the water circuit according to the degree of heating required. The pump helps in circulating the hot water through the pipes into the different rooms releasing energy where required. The water is heated using solar water, gas burner, heat pump, or electrical elements.

How Does the This System Work?

A water underfloor heating system relies on continuous feeding of pumped circulating water which is heated to a temperature of 50 degree Celsius or so only. This warm water circulates through the cement screed and acts as a storehouse of heat. During off peak hours or overnight, the thermostat adjusts the temperature to a setback level, at a lower level, so that a minimum temperature is maintained throughout. This is because if it were turned off completely, it would take about 2 hours or more depending on the weather conditions to warm up the room again. Using the setback temperature allows the rooms to be warmed up optimally in the shortest possible time.

Why Choose a Marble Polishing Company

Do you clean up your marble floors regularly? Marble cleaning is an essential task, especially when you have marble floors to maintain. I know all of us are busy with our vocation thus we tend to spend less time cleaning up our place. Thankfully, the current marketplace offers a range of options to choose from. The professional marble polishing service assists you with the household chores. If you’ve dull looking and damaged floors then you must look for a professional marble polishing company.

You must never make haste when seeking marble polishing company. Before you select a polishing company in South Florida you must polish or clean the flooring. Find out a reputable organization which is dependable and established to help you.

Many people choose professionals to install marble flooring in the commercial and residential building. Some of the most common advantages of choosing flooring are as follows:

Easy to clean: Marble flooring rarely retain dust and dirt. Spillage of drinks or food must be attended instantly if it comes in contact in order to prevent the stains on the flooring.

Durable: Marble flooring is best known for its extended life span than other kind of flooring in the market. Moreover marble is resistant to bacteria.

Though there are different benefits of flooring. Hence it is quite significant to keep the natural shine of the flooring. The flooring must be sealed with the healer in order to prevent the cracks. Various kinds of flooring need various care and treatment. There are many ways to polish the flooring however it is sensible to employ professional marble polishing company to take care of flooring.

A polishing company not only specializes in cleaning, polishing, but also in terrazzo restoration. Some of the major services offered by a polishing company include.

Basic scratches and uneven surfaces caused due to the unpolished raw materials. Hence, polishing is carried out to level and to bring out the top notch look of the floors.Round edge polishing is also offered by most cleaning companies. In this regard, diverse methods and used. This is mainly due to the diverse design and layout. There might be certain areas which are unpleasant and rough.

Last but not the least, marble cleaning and polishing experts can remove scratches, polish and remove the stains. An expert can help in deep polishing and will help bring back the new shine. Without spending a lot of money for replacement of the stained tiles, you can get a brand new look. Nonetheless, marble cleaning prove to be a lot cheaper when professionals are hired to carry out the task.

Understanding The Different Types of Concrete Finishes

Concrete floorings are cost effective and versatile, and hence a favorite among home owners and architects. You can either use them indoors as polished concrete floors, or outdoors as stamped concrete patios. With a little imagination and some planning, you can achieve as many different looks as you can imagine. Common types of concrete flooring finishes include:

Colored concrete: Plain concrete can be made to look attractive with some colors. This is done by mixing a liquid color on the concrete. It is a simple one step process that is done by mixing the load and then dumped on the concrete mixer truck only to be cast as a single monolith block. Boring sidewalks and drive ways can be made to look attractive without burning a hole in your pocket. There are different types of coloring methods and each has their own uses; costs too vary accordingly.

Stamped concrete: This is a better version of concrete flooring where impressions can be created on the concrete by using various tools. You can use this process to make real like impressions of natural stones and other floorings. European styled cobblestone pavements that would normally cost a lot can be done at less than half the cost. They are a popular choice for outdoor kitchens, and other such places such as patios, drive ways, and pool decks.

Acid Stained Flooring: Different types of colors and acids can be mixed and matched to form natural stone like finish. These are very popular for both interior as well as exterior use. You can also use this method to get wood like finish. You can also opt for polished concrete floorings that compliment the acid stained flooring color and design.

Concrete dyes: Dyes are different from acids in the sense that they do not react chemically with the concrete, yet impart color by penetrating into the porous surfaces. They also do not leave a lot of residue and hence are easy to clean up. You can either choose from water or solvent based types that are available in a wide variety of colors. But the only downside to this would be that they penetrate very easily into the cement; hence the workman would have very little margin for error. They’re also nearly as permanent as acid stained flooring. You can use them to create a wide variety of designs.

Floor Sockets Can Make A Difference

The electrical socket market has changed considerably over the past years and strangely for such a simple product it is still changing. The introduction of metal switches and sockets has accelerated the introduction of floor mounted sockets in many applications, particularly in the business and office world. The problem with floor mounted electrical sockets is that the plastic type sockets although scratch resistant do mark when trodden on and do not have the inherent strength to resist the normal operational conditions required for a socket mounted in the floor. As electrical sockets became increasingly better protected by improved electrical insulation products and designs, it became possible to introduce a metal faceplate onto the front of the socket. This was first used as decorative feature for switches and sockets in order to change the general appearance of the electrical fittings and give the interior designer some other material to work with. The metal faceplate then also became only part of the design as the socket face was then protected by a hinged metal blank cover plate that gives total protection to the electrical socket when the socket is not in use.

It is true that floor sockets existed before the introduction of metal faceplates but in this case the metal covers were invariably a separate cover to keep the insulation integrity of the sockets absolute at all times. Now it is possible to get the cover and socket as one integral unit.

The floor socket is ideal in many applications as they are easy to use, do not take up wall space that may be useful to put cupboards or storage cabinets or other furniture against. In many cases the electrical cable runs are easier to gain access to as it is easy to insert the suitable electrical cable conduits into the floor during construction and easier to gain access for repairs.

There is a superb range of floor sockets available in a range of different materials from brass to steel with a range of different finishes such as antique brass, satin and brushed steel and a range of chrome finishes. The sockets can be single or double although in this case the double socket needs a separate metal cover for each socket so that one is protected whilst the other is in use. There are a range of International power sockets and a full range of communication sockets for television aerials and telephone access available for floor mounting and this gives the designer another route to examine when the original construction is planned.