How To Make Solar Panels – Tips On How To Make Your Own Solar Panels

There are lots of articles and videos online on how to make solar panels. If you don’t already know it by now, solar energy is one of the alternative sources of electricity that you can use. Electricity proves to be too expensive especially if you use it to run lots of different appliances at home. If your monthly electric bills are too high, you can easily use alternative energy to lower your bills.

The first thing that you will need to make your own panel will be the cells. You need to buy several cells that will be utilized in order to capture the solar energy. There are various tutorials on how to do this online.

The next thing you will need would be a certain template for your cells. Since your cells need to be contained into a single container that will hold them together, you need to make a template that is designed exactly for this. You can make your own template by utilizing cardboards, spacers, staple wires, and a stapler. Make sure that you get to make the finishing as even as possible.

The last thing you will need is your frame. Your frame will be needed to hold everything in. you don’t have to make the borders very high since it will only prevent sunlight from coming in. the inner frame and the outer frame will need to be well-made to make sunlight absorption even more possible.

Of course, a panel can only be utilized if you have adequate sunlight in your location. If you are certain of this, then this method will be very beneficial for you. You don’t have to make several panels at once. You can start this out with a single panel and observe the effects it will produce. If you find out that this gives you adequate electricity, you can make more panels to fully make your household dependent on solar energy for its electric needs.

There are more videos and articles online on how to make solar panels. Browse the web for more available information so that you can start your project the soonest time possible. You may not know it yet but this can be the alternative energy source you have been wishing for. Why spend too much money buying electricity when you can easily make your own? You don’t only get free electricity by doing this but you also help save Mother Earth in the process.

Fitting an Additional Mains Socket

There are many reasons for wanting or needing an extra socket but these are purely academic as it is really just a personal choice. Having at first determined the particular circuit can absorb an extra power drain. Alas, to complete the job you will also need some other items, you will need a length of 2.5mm twin and earth cable. A short length of earth tubing. A chisel and hammer. A length of conduit with end connectors. A small packet of patching plaster an with inset patress box. Now can you read this interesting topic and gain information at the same time.

So having considered your needs the next move is to identify and then travel to a supplier. All the components are located in separate identifiable shelves. All you have to do now is to choose the style. Many to choose from; construction may be of plastic which is probably the most common but there are also some known as metal clad which is a combination of plastic and metal plus yet another may be made of only metal. Metal sockets have to be earthed to the patress box using a dedicated wire; a patress box is usually made of galvanised steel and is buried into the wall. They are galvanised because galvanisation is a means to prevent steel from the rusting process taking place. It is used to house the live wires and is the means by which the socket is kept in place using two relatively thin machine screws. All the previously mentioned sockets may also be switched or un-switched; some even have neon tell-tale indicators which can be a boon in the quest to conserve energy by drawing your attention to an appliance which may not be needed to be plugged in and switched on as well.

Now having decided you can safely fit an additional power supply into your existing ring main and have taken home your chosen socket now is the time to plan where it will be located. In this instance it will be located one metre from an end of the line socket. Turn off the ring main at the consumer unit. Unscrew the two screws which hold the socket in place and pull it forward to gain access to the cables within. Using a multi meter make sure the power is off. Measure out the metre distance and using the patress box as a template mark out a square then using a chisel, make a hole deep enough for the box. Between the two boxes chisel a channel and insert the conduit connecting the two boxes together. Slide the cable into the conduit and cut the ends to fit the socket.

Slide an earth tube onto the bare wire, then connect the wires to the sockets. Brown to live, blue to neutral and green and yellow to earth. Screw both sockets to the boxes then make good the plaster patching. Job done.

New Paint To Give Your Garage Door A Facelift

Our garage doors are always open and exposed to various elements of nature that can cause them to chip, fade, rust, and affect its operation over time. That’s why regular maintenance and protection against these damaging elements are important to keep the door in top working condition. One good way to do it is by painting it new. Here’s a step-by-step tip on how to do the garage door painting right.

Know The Right Timing

When planning for a paint job on your garage, make sure you time it wisely. You want the paint to dry fast and properly, so you’ll need a good temperature for that – not too hot or too cold. Also, always pay attention to the daily weather forecast; you need a couple of days or more of no rain. The best time to start painting is early in the day, so you can get enough sunlight to finish it and dry all in a day.

Ready The Surfaces

This may be the toughest part, but you need to prepare the surface for a good paint job. If you want your paint to last longer, you need to paint right and paint well. First thing you should do is sand off any peeling paint on the surface. For metal garage doors, you need to sand any signs of rust.


For the paint to stick on the surface well, you’ll need a clean surface. Set a power washer on a low setting or soak a sponge in water with detergent and scrub the surface to clean. Make sure you wash off all the dirt and grime, especially at the bottom, where most gunks tend to build up. Let the surface dry completely before you start painting.

Prepare the Things You’ll Need

Prepare all the things you’ll need before you start painting. It may not seem much, but those extra minutes you spend at the start will make a huge difference in easing up the work later. Keep the siding from getting painted by taping all the edges. Also, lift the door up slightly and lay down a cardboard, plastic, or tarp at the bottom before you put it down back. This will keep the floor of your garage from being tainted with drips and spills.

Apply Primer

If you want to give it a good facelift and a full change of color/s, then you’ll need to apply a coat primer. Make sure you pick a primer that suits for outdoor and is suited for the type surface of your garage door. Cover any metal with premier to protect it from rusting.


Paint your garage door in thin layers and let each coating dry before applying the next. This shouldn’t be a problem since you’re painting a wide surface, by the time you finish your initial coat on the other side, the other side where you started should be dry. Use a small brush for edges and details, and roller for the wider surface.

Quick Tip

Wait at least 24 hours before after painting before you lift and open the garage door.

Can I Lay Laminate Flooring Myself

Today, many people use laminate flooring in their homes and offices. This is a multi-layer product made using synthetic materials. It is cheaper than some of the natural flooring materials, easy to install and more hygienic and durable than a carpet.

Installing laminate flooring is quite easy and it is therefore possible to lay it yourself. Having the right tools for the job is essential. You require a paring knife, spacers, coping saw, hammer, hand saw, measuring tape, tapping block and a pencil among other tools. Follow these simple steps to lay the laminate flooring.

Stack laminate flooring

Humidity and temperature could affect the flooring planks so it is advisable to acclimatize them in the room for at least two days. Stack the laminates on the floor then get rid of the plastic wrapping.

Remove the base molding and clean sub-floor

Make sure that the sub-floor is free from debris and dirt by cleaning it. If the concrete floor is new, ensure that it is cured fully. Use a hammer and pry bar to remove any base molding.

Install Vapor Barrier

Lay out the vapor barrier from the longest wall of your room one row at a time. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when joining together 2 sheets of barrier. They might instruct you to butt every row against the previous one or overlap the vapor barrier.

Trim Door Jambs

Lay a piece of laminate up against the door jamb and flat on the sub-floor. Use this as the guide when marking the jambs to enable the new flooring to slide underneath easily. Cut the jambs and make sure they are parallel to the sub-floor.

Install the First Row

Lay the planks parallel to the longest wall for the best look. The first plank should be installed with its groove towards the wall. Place spacers against the wall then push the plank against them.

Install Flooring

Match the tongue to the groove for each plank then use an old piece of flooring to fix it into place. The pieces should fit together snugly and no gaps should be left along the lengths of the planks. Stagger the joints of the laminate when installing the subsequent rows. Whenever you start a new row ensure the joints of the planks are offset 6 to 8 inches to prevent lining up the planks row to row.

Installing the Last Plank

Normally, the last plank requires trimming to fit. Measure the width of the plank correctly ensuring that it sits evenly against the spacers that are against the wall. Draw a line on the edge of the top plank to mark the width between the wall and the last plank. Use this line to cut the plank then install it.

Installing Thresholds and the Base Molding

Install thresholds between any open doors and the end of the laminates. Finally, remove the spacers then install the base molding to cover the expansion gaps. Clear the room of any clatter, then step back and admire the outcome of your workmanship.

Yes you can lay laminate flooring by yourself. Following these steps and taking time to get things right can produce great and long lasting results.

X10 Home Automation – Perfect For Your Automation Needs

Everybody really wants to manage their everyday lives to get through your day smoothly. As soon as you awaken to as soon as you are getting ready to get some rest, you would like everything to operate how you want it to operate. Just 1 minor glitch may ruin your entire day. Imagine whenever you’re already within the parking large amount of your business building, you all of a sudden forgot to show on your house security program or a person suddenly forgot concerning the important demonstration documents that’s due which same day time. Because of the, your entire day would have been a mess.

For this reason many consumers, especially individuals with rather big houses and those who are workaholics, are actually considering obtaining a home automation program installed within their homes. If you’re a kind of person who has a tendency to always overlook something, x10 home automation can meet your needs. Back in the example regarding forgetting turning in your home protection system, it’s not necessary to drive completely back home for those who have an x10 home automation program installed. All you must do is access your x10 home automation system with the internet as well as turn your house security program on. Certainly, x10 home automation will surely make this easier that you should live your everyday life.

Another excellent example associated with x10 home automation program is that right now you awaken; it may remind a person about your own important demonstration or visits and let you know not to ignore your demonstration documents. You can simply input the actual reminder about the x10 home automation program and plan it in order to remind you in a specific period and in a specific day.

Remotely turning in your alarm program and providing you with reminders aren’t the only advantages of this sort of system. You may also preprogram the body when to change the lighting (or even other electronics within your house) upon or away. Imagine, when you are driving house from function, everything in your home is slipping into location and put together everything with regard to relaxation. The climate device is switched on and is actually specified to some level comfortable for you personally, your preferred music is switched on, the patio and storage lights are switched on and the coffee machine is currently making espresso. All of those are done when you are driving with the freeway on the way home. As soon as you achieve home, all you must do is relax, relax and revel in your preferred coffee.